About agency

Stolitsa Social Research Agency (ASIS) is a company created by a group of professional sociologists and PR specialists. After starting our work with regional marketing research, our company has gradually expanded its area of interest, and has worked out effective methods of studying and monitoring the work of government bodies and local government. Nevertheless, the main focus of the Agency's work is still a high level of practical application of research results, development of clear recommendations for customers, and optimal use of resources.
In recent years, regional businesses, political parties, local government bodies and departments of the government of Moscow, Moscow Region and other regions have become regular clients of ASIS. The Agency’s key regularly attend specialist conferences and seminars, actively cooperate with colleagues in other regions, publish their articles in industry journals and professional mass media.
Today, ASIS has a permanent, well-trained staff of interviewers, its own call center, extensive experience in conducting socio-political and marketing research, an extensive database on the social and demographic structure of the population, and the main business enterprises and public sector organizations in the region. Continuous monitoring of the social and economic situation in Moscow and Moscow Region allows the Agency's employees to obtain the most accurate research results and make the most reliable forecasts of the actual situation.