Assessment of the populations satisfaction with the quality and accessibility of state and municipal services
Carrying out sociological studies of the population’s level of satisfaction with the provision of state and municipal services is an important part of work on perfecting the management system and decision-making in government agencies.
There are several key tasks that can be solved by these surveys:
  1. Such studies allow the development of recommendations aimed at improving the effectiveness of the actual agencies providing state and municipal services.
  2. Public opinion polls provide information on the main criteria that guide residents in assessing the provision of public services and to develop recommendations for improving the level of satisfaction among the population.
  3. They make it possible to assess the financial and time costs that citizens experience when interacting with government departments, and prepare proposals for reducing existing administrative barriers.
  4. The project provides feedback to the population, which has a beneficial effect on the perception of government activities and increases the loyalty of the population.
Such monitoring of citizens' sentiment is one of the most important tools for obtaining objective information in the sphere of providing state and municipal services. People's level of satisfaction with the reforms and changes in this area is also assessed during the research. Carrying out such surveys provides a potential customer with a multipurpose tool for obtaining a response from the public. In turn, this information reduces the level of risks when making managerial decisions.


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