Assessment of the socio-economic situation and social sentiments
Government authorities need specific information about the social well-being of the population for successful planning of activities. Each region or smaller territorial unit, has its own specific social characteristics, knowledge of which allows the authorities to make competent management decisions.
Our agency has extensive experience in researching public opinion throughout Russia and individual territorial units. The methods we have developed allow us both to assess the general social sentiments of citizens and to identify unique factors of social behavior.
In the framework of these projects, we assess the overall social and economic situation in the region, highlight the current problems and attitude toward regional development. Important indicators include the current satisfaction with life and the level of support of local authorities. The assessment of economic parameters by local residents plays a special role in these studies. The opinion of the residents and the areas of urban life, for example, housing, urban development, migration policy or employment, are also related to the economic sphere.
In order to identify the specific patterns of social behavior of residents, we use the multifactor analysis model. The main goal of this approach is to define the ideal image of the region in the eyes of the inhabitants and the correspondence of the current state of the region to this model. Simply put, we need to correlate the most significant characteristics identified by residents with their current assessment in the study area.
The information obtained on the social sentiment of the population is one of the most important indicators of the population's perception of the socio-economic, socio-political and cultural processes taking place in society. Building  feedback between the authorities and the public focused the studied needs will help to increase the level of public confidence in public and state institutions.


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