Leadership and managerial competencies of the Bank of Russia Chief Auditor

Customer: Building Complex
Completed by: Stolitsa Social Research Agency (ASIS)
Managerial competencies are a subject of research in various spheres of social activity. The applied aspect of the study of basic and special competencies in the management system consists in developing managers’ skills in effective personnel management for solving operational and strategic tasks. The research problem facing ASIS was to evaluate the effectiveness of the group work of employees of the Chief Auditor Service in the context of the manifestation of managerial competencies and leadership.
Based on existing domestic scientific concepts in management theory, Stolitsa Social Research Agency has developed a methodology for solving the task. It included a sociological survey consisting of 2 stages: the first one was an expert survey of senior managers of the Bank of Russia Chief Auditor Service to identify special competencies; and in the second stage we assessed the effectiveness of group work in the context of managerial competencies and leadership. In addition to sociological methods of gathering field information, we used sociometry and participant observation of a psychologist during the assessment of group dynamics.
The key objectives of the study were:
  • Determination of the impact of leadership processes on the effectiveness of groups.
  • Assessment of group dynamics based on an analysis of role structures of groups.
  • Sociological assessment of the levels of managerial competence of leaders.
  • Evaluation of the nature of the interaction of group members.
  • Determination of the dominant type of decision-making in groups.
In the course of the study, the created working groups were evaluated by the moderator according to a system of formalized participant observation. Criteria for assessing group work were as follows: group dynamics, the effectiveness of decision-making and flexibility in performing tasks. From the data obtained, a rating of the group leaders based on assessments of managerial competencies was compiled. As a result, a list of the most developed and lagging competences was formed. Thanks to the sociometric analysis and observations of the psychologist, a psychological profile of each of the participants in the study was prepared. Based on all the information received, practical recommendations were developed to improve the management skills of the participants of the business game.