Problem situation analysis/ development forecasts

Customer: Proactive monitoring project
Completed by: Stolitsa Social Research Agency (ASIS)
Evaluation and analysis of information activity concerning any problem is one of the top priorities of any analysis of the media, social networks or the blogosphere. Depending on the nature of the distribution of messages, the response to one or another information guide is different. The information field and the problem situation relating to this project were analyzed using the example of construction of the monument to Prince Vladimir.
The main stages of work to assess the problem situation included:
  • Uploading messages and comments on the problem situation;
  • Identifying the initiators of publications and the most active participants (commentators’ pages, message aggregators);
  • Identifying and cutting off artificial (fake) activity;
  • Assessing the level of distribution and size of the audience;
  • Identifying the main arguments on the problem situation (reasons, criticism);
  • Searching for alternative solutions and methods for leveling protest activity;
  • Forecasts for development of the problem.
During the analysis of information activity without regard for fake accounts, the following claims were made concerning implementation of the project for construction of the monument to Prince Vladimir:
  • Violation of the historical appearance of the Lenin Hills;
  • Security threat;
  • Infringements of current legislation.
Thus, based on the information received, we can make objective conclusions about the views and opinions about the project in social networks and the blogosphere. The presence of fake activity, high density of associations of actors and protest groups, contrived reaction of users to the project - all of this can tell us how to act better, and which tools are better to apply in this situation.
  • Identification of threats at the initial stages of development;
  • Assessment of the scale and prospects for the development of the problem;
  • Separation of a real threat from unfriendly attacks of competitors / opponents;
  • Timely preparation of arguments;
  • Quick identification of the causes / problems and presentation of possible solutions.