Problems of corporate personnel development management at Mosinzhproekt JSC

Customer: Mosinzhproekt JSC
Completed by: Stolitsa Social Research Agency
The need for research in the field of management systems and staff development is dictated by modern realities. The emergence of large corporations in the Russian market to which Mosinzhproject JSC belongs requires the development of individual projects in the field of corporate systems. The purpose of the study of control systems is to obtain and analyze information about all its elements and their subsequent optimization. The key goal of the ASIS was to identify the problems of managing corporate development of the personnel of Mosinzhproekt JSC.
Within the framework of this project, a decision was made to conduct a sociological study by means of an online questionnaire. The survey involved both ordinary employees of the organization and representatives of the management team. The questionnaire was developed in accordance with the following intermediate objectives:
  • Determination of the level of employee satisfaction with various aspects of work
  • Assessment of the level of awareness of the company's activities, goals and prospects
  • Identification of the main sources of information about the company
  • Assessment of the level of interaction between employees and business units
  • Determination of the attitude of employees to the company’s brand
  • Determination of the development of internal channels of communication
  • Analysis of the attitude and level of trust in top management
  • Preparation of a rating of company values, identification of growth zones
The data we obtained showed a high level of employee loyalty to the company and its management. Most of those who took part in the survey were satisfied with their work in the company, the social, organizational and production climate, and the level of wages.
Based on the results of the survey, the company’s main problems were related to the lag in the management system and the corresponding administrative procedures from the accelerated development process of the organization. Weak interaction between business units and internal bureaucratic complexities were important management problems.
In the course of analysis of all the results, the ASIS specialists and representatives of the IS RAS developed a concept for the corporate policy of Mosinzhproekt JSc. It was based on three key objectives:
  • Carrying out external positioning of the company;
  • Increasing labor productivity;
  • Forming the company's internal identity.