The attitude of Blagoveshchensk residents to the socio-political situation in the city

Customer: Proactive survey
Completed by: Stolitsa Social Research Agency (ASIS)
The survey was conducted within the framework of the federal ASIS project - a series of studies devoted to the political confrontation between regional authorities and the administrations of regional centers. The project covers a number of regions in which conflicts of this type have occurred in recent years. The goal is to identify the social and economic consequences of conflicts, to assess their impact on the life of the population, and to change the attitude of citizens to the main government institutions.
In keeping with the goal of the study, the Stolitsa Social Research Agency conducted a proactive survey among the population of Blagoveshchensk.
The key task of the study was to obtain reliable information about the attitude of Blagoveshchensk residents to the social and political situation in the city. In addition, the following parameters were identified in the survey:
  • The level of social well-being of Blagoveshchensk residents;
  • The degree of people's satisfaction with the city's authorities;
  • The level of public confidence in Blagoveshchensk politicians;
  • The degree of public awareness of the activities of the former mayor of the city;
  • The main characteristics of the problem area for residents of Blagoveshchensk;
  • Dynamics of attitude to the level of corruption in Blagoveshchensk;
  • Living standard of the population of the city.
The results of the study showed that confrontations at different levels of government do not lead to improvement in the standard of living and social well-being of the population. Thus, after assessing the changes in Blagoveshchensk over the past 5 years, respondents were more likely to give negative assessments.
The example of Blagoveshchensk reveals a situation where a politician (despite his scandalous resignation and even criminal prosecution) remains a positive personality in public opinion and continues to enjoy a high level of trust. Judging by the poll, if he participates in local or regional elections, he could compete with active regional politicians.