Rebranding of the Public Garage projec

Customer: Mosrealstroy OJSC
Completed by: Stolitsa Social Research Agency (ASIS)
The Public Garage program started in Moscow in the spring of 2009 on the initiative of Moscow authorities and it was intended to solve the problem of parking places in the city. At the beginning of 2011, the project began to encounter the resistance of city residents and some political forces (Communist Party, LDPR, Yabloko). The reasons for criticism were as follows:
  • High prices for parking places.
  • Delays in the construction and commissioning of facilities
  • Inconvenient location of garages for residents of the districts (they were unpopular with residents as they were situated far from their homes)
  • Demolition of personal garages and some social facilities for the construction of Public Garages
  • Numerous corruption scandals involving government officials
As a basis for rebranding the Public Garage project, ASIS specialists decided to conduct marketing research and develop a new marketing strategy.
Carrying out marketing research allowed us to accomplish the following tasks of the project
  1. Choice of effective positioning of the product: a garage and parking places;
  2. Studying potential buyers and dividing them into groups;
  3. Analysis of market opportunities: how many potential buyers are willing to pay for a parking place;
  4. Analysis of the influence of the external environment. Potential risks;
  5. An audit of previous marketing: analysis of the Public Garage marketing company.
Development of a new marketing strategy for the project: formation of a policy for stimulating sales of unprofitable parking places:
  • Development of an information company plan;
  • Development of a marketing research program of control measurements (for monitoring and managing marketing activities);
  • Development of a strategy to promote the product (garage or district parking).
Since the Public Garages brand has lost the trust of residents and motorists, both the overall positioning of the project and particular key points of its implementation must be completely revised.
There was a proposal to take the name of the successful Moscow program "Moscow Parking" and add conceptual warmth. By localizing it to the district level, we bring a new object (a new type of service) to the home, yard, and family. Thus, a new brand is born: "District Parking".