Compensatory measures for construction projects
In the process of implementing any construction project, difficulties of a different nature may arise, including those related to the discontent of the local population in the construction zone. Residents primarily identify any construction with possible inconveniences from it. It can be both ordinary noise and dirt and serious difficulties with transport accessibility in the area. Other city residents may also complain about the theoretical deterioration of the environment in the area. In large cities, as a rule, the above factors are initially present, so any processes that could aggravate the situation will be opposed by the population. In some cases, this opposition may develop into major protests.
However, as experience shows, most residents fear that the construction process may interfere with their everyday life or change their habitual environment. They are not necessarily against a specific project. To prevent this group of residents from becoming adversaries, they must be compensated for the inconvenience.
There are a lot of such compensatory measures, but in this case more is not better. The choice is influenced by various factors, such as existing problems in the area, traffic congestion, ecology and others. At the same time, the social demand for construction among residents may be the deciding factor.
Our company offers services to conduct research on moods and problem zones in various areas, making it possible to formulate a list of compensatory measures necessary for smoothing conflict situations.


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