Diagnostics of social sentiments in the regions where state-owned companies are present.
The presence in certain regions of large state-owned companies from spheres of heavy industry is not always approved of by the residents of neighboring areas. Sociological research in this case is a tool for obtaining information about the social sentiments of citizens. The data obtained make it possible to develop recommendations for managing the social environment and forming public opinion.
The main objectives of the study are:
1. Analysis of residents’ perception of the selected industry as a whole (energy, metallurgy, machine building, etc.)
2. Determining the attitude of the population to a specific facility located in the region of the company's presence.
3. Studying the living conditions of the population in the region of presence and developing a program of benefits for local residents.
4. Assessment of the protest potential of the population and identification of the main protest actors in the region.
5. Identification of key communication channels for disseminating information about the industry as a whole, the company's activities and the developed compensation measures.
These studies can be carried out not only to diagnose social sentiments in the company’s regions of presence, but also to serve as a forecasting tool for identifying the most loyal regions in terms of perception of the industry and the activities of the corporation. The availability of this data allows the organization to successfully plan both the expansion of production activities and the transfer of certain facilities to other regions.
Companies that take the opinion of the population into account when making such decisions improve the social image of the organization in the eyes of the public and can count on dialogue with the residents and a search for compromise in the development of the regions.
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