Оценка удовлетворенности населения деятельностью государственных органов в различных сферах городской жизни
An important task for increasing the effectiveness of government agencies is to obtain evaluations of this activity from potential consumers. Sociological research can be conducted in this area to assess the work of government agencies in the following spheres of urban life: housing and public utilities, improvement, transport, migration policy, education, health, urban development policy or social services.
Since these polls make it possible to establish a dialogue with the population and receive feedback, there is an opportunity to activate the potential for participation of the residents of the regions in addressing issues of local importance.
In the process of research, our agency relies on the following key indicators:
1. Assessment of the dynamics of changes in any area of urban life.
2. People's level of satisfaction with the activities of state and municipal agencies in a particular area.
3. Provision of communication channels and satisfaction with the quality of feedback.
4. Identification of the main problem points noted by residents.
5. Ratings of needs, requests and recommendations expressed by citizens.
Three tools can be distinguished among the methods most suitable for solving such problems: a mass telephone survey, a focus group study and in-depth interviews. Depending on the objectives and goals of the study, the selected methods can be used either together or separately. This approach makes it possible to identify key trends in public opinion in any area of urban life, and to obtain specific information about the requests and wishes of the population.


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