Evaluation of the availability of social facilities in regions
Along with objective information on the availability of certain institutions, the area of regional planning and formulation of regional development strategies requires additional information for assessing the security of the residents. Studies of regional security allows us to accomplish several important tasks:
1. Identifying the residents’ social for the construction of certain facilities.
2. Assessing satisfaction with the existing social infrastructure.
3. Analyzing changes in the provision of regions with social facilities.
4. Identifying the needs of residents for the development of any area of urban life.
Stolitsa Social Research Agency has extensive experience in studying regional planning. In similar projects, we have already studied the issues of the provision of regions with all types of facilities: sports, cultural and leisure, educational institutions, health facilities, transport infrastructure, administrative facilities, public utilities and many others.
The creation of a full database of public infrastructure is an important tool for the successful development of the regions. The availability of information on the social demand for construction and assessment of security ensures that facilities that will be approved by residents and in demand will be built in the regions. In case of conflict situations, such surveys provide a list of compensatory measures to reduce negative social consequences.


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