Integration and attraction of customers
Most construction projects need to attract customers upon completion of construction, whether they are office tenants, homebuyers, transport users or, for example, healthcare facilities. Geographical location and an advertising company undoubtedly contribute to the development of the project and attracting customers, but this may not be enough.
Integration of any object with the urban environment is a rather lengthy process. Sociological research in areas where new infrastructure is opening can help speed this up. By possessing data on the residents’ attitude to the project and their criteria for choosing particular facilities, it is possible to correctly set up advertising and PR companies by approaching their target audience. The results of the research make it possible to describe in detail the group of people who are possible customers of the studied projects. Opinion polls give information about the needs and requests of potential customers, which can be redirected to compensatory measures.
A low level of integration of a project into the residents’ habitual environment is often caused by a low level of public awareness. In addition to identifying the main channels of communication with the public, sociological research also allows you to determine the subjects of messages that will correspond to the residents’ request.


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