Monitoring the electoral situation

Monitoring of the electoral situation is conducted after approval of the list of nominated parties or candidates in the constituency. This type of research is conducted to collect current information about the attitude of the population to the participants in the pre-election race.
At this stage, the electoral programs of parties and candidates are evaluated, and the opinion of the residents on the main provisions of these documents is analyzed. Since monitoring is carried out at the active phase of the elective company, the information received from the population makes it possible to adjust the programs and identify weaknesses in the preparation of competitors.
Equally important is the assessment of the campaign materials and slogans by the residents. Despite the fact that the materials are prepared with consideration of the wishes and requests of the population, the final evaluation may differ from what is expected. Often there are problems with the wrong choice of communication channels or the key themes used in campaign materials. Timely feedback received from voters gives an opportunity to determine how to adjust the format and direction of materials and redistribute resources.
Another important task of monitoring the electoral agenda is to analyze the actions of opponents during the election campaign. The study of public opinion on competitors gives an opportunity to promptly neutralize negative messages about a candidate or party, reduce the level of protest sentiments and increase the confidence level of potential voters.
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