03. 03. 2020
Trianon Dialogue 2020
Trianon Dialogue 2020 will cover the issues of Ecology
04. 12. 2017
Россияне об экологической ситуации в стране
ФОМ предоставил данные исследования об отношении россиян к экологической ситуации в стране
01. 12. 2017
Омниканальный маркетинг
Преимущества омниканальной системы и её отличие от мультиканальной
29. 11. 2017
Проблемы материнства в России
ВЦИОМ представил результаты исследования, приуроченного ко Дню матери в России
27. 11. 2017
Довольны ли россияне своей работой
Исследование учёных НИУ ВШЭ, как отличается удовлетворённость работой мужчин и женщин в России
24. 11. 2017
«Извлекая мнения из сети Интернет»
Могут ли методы анализа текстов заменить опросы общественного мнения?

07. 02. 2020

Russia will participate at World Urban Forum 2020

Moscow Government is going to present its exhibition stand at the World Urban Forum (WUF10), which will be held from 8 to 13 February in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

In 2020, the main issue of WUF is Cities of opportunity: connecting culture and innovation. From February 9 to 11, an eventful business program including panel discussions, roundtables and expert sessions will be held at Russian stand. The WUF will be attended by Deputy Head of the Construction Ministry of the Russian Federation Nikita Stasishin, head of the New Territories Development Department of Moscow Vladimir Zhidkin, Moscow Senior architect Sergey Kuznetsov, head of Foreign Economic and International Relations Department of Moscow Sergey Cheremin, as well as representatives of other Russian authorities, development and architectural communities, public figures and experts.

Representatives of Spain, France, Poland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries will also participate in the WUF10.

On the first day, Russian exhibition stand will host "New generation of citizens-modern housing formats" key session. Speakers at the event will be Alexey Raskhodchikov, co-Chairman of Gorod Moscow Urban Center. Foundation, Nikita Stasishin, Sergey Cheremin, as well as representatives of DOM. RF, VEB. RF, and A101 company group.

However, Alexey Raskhodchikov will become a member of "City as a tourist destination" expert table. Using the example of Moscow, experts will discuss changes in the tourism sector in recent years, touch on the development of hotels, tourist streets, and other important issues.

The world urban forum (WUF) was established in 2001 by the United Nations. The goal is to solve the problems of sustainable urban development, as well as the rapid pace of urbanization, its impact on cities, the economy, and the environment. WUF is an open and comprehensive platform that covers all aspects of modern society.