Preparations for elections

Sociological research is a multipurpose tool for preparing an election campaign for a political party or candidate. Conducting mass population surveys provides information on the social situation in the studied regions. The preparatory stage is one of the most important in the electoral campaign, since it is at this stage that the main provisions of the political program and the main "messages" of the candidate or party are formulated.
For the development of such documents and messages, information on the following indicators is needed:
  1. Social problems and expectations that most concern potential voters.
  2. Level of trust in the authorities and electoral preferences of the population.
  3. Identification of supporters and opponents of a political party or candidate.
  4. Analysis of key characteristics of the image of the party or candidate. Development of a social portrait of the ideal candidate according to residents.
  5. Determination of the main leaders of public opinion (including on the Internet) that citizens trust.
  6. The main channels of communication with the population, the rating of the most popular media and Internet sources.
This information is used to build a successful electoral campaign that will take into account the key needs and demands of the population. This increases the likelihood of attracting to their side the target groups identified by the candidate or the party.


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