Any construction project needs a so-called feasibility study which shows whether there we be a demand for this project and whether it will be able to realize its potential in the full sense of the word. A correctly formulated feasibility study will help convince all participants in approval of construction of the need to implement the project. This concerns both investors and city authorities issuing the necessary permits and consent to construction.
However, in addition to the technical aspects of urban construction, social demand is an extremely important factor. Any construction project one way or another affects residents and even entire social strata of the population. Considering this process from the standpoint of social sciences, construction can be a direct interference in the social environment and the habitual life of citizens. To ensure that this interference is not perceived with hostility, you have to prove to the population or to local public organizations that a construction project is necessary for the city or for a given district, and especially for its residents.
Our company offers developers services to conduct all necessary research to identify the social and economic needs and problems of the urban public environment. Analysis of these factors and the results of our studies make it possible to present the feasibility of any construction project more accurately.
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