Resulting elective studies
The last stage of pre-election research is conducted directly 1-2 weeks before the voting day. These polls provide the latest electoral ratings and help determine the level of support and the reasons for choosing a particular party / candidate.
At this stage, final target audiences are formed, and final supporters and opponents of candidates and parties are determined. A special role on voting day may be played by those residents who were "undecided" at the preparation and monitoring stage; that is, they could not name the exact candidate / party they would vote for. The resulting studies allow us to estimate the share of distribution of their votes in favor of various political forces. The effectiveness of the election campaign is most accurately assessed with the help of this distribution in order to answer the following question: "what part of the neutral-minded electorate did we win over to our side".
Geographically, there is a need for a territorial support map allowing redistribution of the forces of the election campaign in the last weeks to increase support in lagging districts / regions. This data allows party members or candidates to plan campaign activities for residents of skeptical areas.
Some of the key issues at this stage are the options for redistributing the votes of voters if a candidate or party withdraws from the election race.


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