Risks related to public hearings
Public hearings are one of the possible forms of accommodating the interests of the developer and residents. Nearly all construction project in the city, especially near a residential area, are discussed with the citizens. To pass these hearings successfully, the local population must be convinced of the advantages of the project and that it will be a successful part of the urban environment.
As any construction in one way or another represents some kind of interference with the habitual environment of the population, a certain proportion of resident will be against the project in most cases. The greatest risk in this case (especially during public hearings) will be the spread of negative opinions about the possible construction among the majority of residents and public organizations operating in the area. This can lead to serious difficulties in promoting the project, such as open conflict with the local population, filing complaints with the authorities and appeals to protest leaders.
It will be extremely useful to know what exactly can cause "irritation" among residents. As the structure of public-city relations is very complex, there may be a lot of factors influencing the attitude to a particular project. We need to highlight the most significant ones determining the public mood. Understanding the needs and irritants will allow a more accurate justification of the project and its necessity for the city, and will ultimately lead to harmonization of the interests of residents and the builder.


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