Organizational culture

Organizational culture
Organizational culture is a system of formal and informal rules of conduct and interaction in an organization that is shared by its members. Traditionally, external and internal signs of organizational culture are distinguished. External signs include symbols and other material objects correlated with corporate stylistics.
The most significant internal signs of organizational culture include the following aspects: corporate identity, communication, behavioral models, management style and company traditions.
In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, important elements of corporate culture also include ideas about the purpose of the company and the value system of the employees. The methods of conflict resolution adopted by the company are another important aspect of organizational culture.
Research on organizational culture is aimed at studying various objects depending on the objectives of a particular project:
  1. Key values and traditions shared by members of the company.
  2. Norms and rules of conduct adopted in the organization. This includes both the system of internal interaction of employees and interaction with customers of the company.
  3. Management style.
  4. Understanding and acceptance of the company's goals, standards and values by employees.
  5. Involvement of the members of the organization.
  6. Attitudes of employees to innovations and changes (approval and disapproval).
The result of research on organizational culture is an understanding its features and the current situation in the company. The identification of problems, risks, threats and tensions among employees is also one of the results of the study. Organizational culture includes the study of the socio-psychological climate in the company. One of the most important final products is the advisory part on improving, developing and forming the organizational culture of the company.
The main methods of research are questionnaires, interviews, testing, focus groups, and sociometry.


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