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As a rule, a developer can face certain difficulties and opposition from the residents from the moment the project is presented to the public. The opposition of citizens may be expressed during public hearings, or before or after them. However, even a successful outcome of these hearings and the accommodation of all interests does not mean that conflict situations can no longer arise. Since the construction of even relatively small projects takes quite a long time, the situation must be monitored throughout the process and disagreements must be resolved in a timely and rapid manner. Various factors up to seasonal and general economic ones may serve as the causes of conflicts. At the same time, if the onset of a growing conflict is not detected in time, this can cause serious problems, including protest movements.
To maintain a positive image of the project, construction must be supported throughout the entire process, from the presentation of the project to the public to its official opening. For this purpose, in addition to classical PR solutions, social networks can serve as a very effective tool. Information spreads extremely quickly, which allows us to quickly and effectively track the reaction of the population. In addition, in social networks, there is the possibility of targeted dissemination of official information. Another significant advantage is that many residents and public organizations use social networks to exchange information. You can establish contact with representatives of active residents for communication and alignment of interests.
To effectively support construction, our company provides specialized research services. Online research and monitoring of social networks help to monitor the mood of residents and quickly detect opposition. Together with sociological research in construction zones, you can get the most complete map of the social mood of the population.


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